Friday , 14 August 2020


Our human body comprises 80% of water. Ayurveda being translated as the science of life and there is no life without water. Water has cooling, cleansing, rejuvenating properties that is necessary for our digestion and excretion. Water cleans our body, freshens one from inside out. Inside our body, water exists in many different parts of our body such as the cells, the blood plasma, serum, saliva, secretions, tears and brain fluid, lubricates our joints, and protects our body mucosa. Without water, there would not be any living cells.

Drinking good filtered quality boiled water has the same importance as that of eating good quality fresh food. In Ayurveda therapy, drinking warm water is for flushing of toxins. Ayurveda has explanations for a healthy lifestyle. Daily regularities are important key factors in life. Regular routine of drinking a glass of warm water upon waking up in the morning is the best way to stimulate our bowel movement and eliminate toxins.

Today’s lifestyles and eating habits are causing an increase to Vata imbalance of constipation and dehydration. This morning cup of warm water is a good manner to combat and counter constipation.

It is recommended to drink in regular interval 8 glasses of water. Drinking water at meal times extend the time of digestion because it dilutes our stomach digestive enzyme and thus at meal time, we should only sip small amount of water to flush the esophagus and food intake. Having your drink of water an hour after meal is more a better manner to go. Ayurveda also warn against drinking too much in the evening or at one go as this overworks the kidneys.

Your urine colour is the secondary confirmation to know if you are dehydrated. It should be fairly clear. If it is yellow you need to drink more. Your lip is also another indicator. If they are dry, you need to drink more water especially on a hot summer day.

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