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If you look back over the earlier posts on important factors of eating with season; stress; abuse of our senses; age and aging; etc., you will see that you have a great deal of choice and control over whether they will create toxic. How do you define a toxic element in our body? What is the meaning of toxicity? What causes toxin to accumulate in our body?

Toxicity is substances that can caused a lot of health issues and complications when the level of it remain in our human body has accumulated to a chronic level that the body cannot eliminate it properly and efficiently.

Route of entry – Inhalation, Digestion, Skin Contact.

Toxic materials can be found in our environment caused by pollution of chemicals in our air, pollution of our water, addictives and preservatives in our food chain. How do we reduce the level of toxicity in our body?

  • Stop microwaving of food. Radiation changes the food molecule and increases level of toxicity and harm to our body.
  • Use stainless cookware instead of non stick cookware in your own kitchen.
  • Less usage of disposable Styrofoam items to pack your food or drinks.
  • Less use of plastic bottle filled body shampoo and used more bar soaps as the paper wrapper can be easily recyclable than plastic bottles.
  • Do not pack hot food in non BPA free plastic containers. Carry your own stainless steel containers or tiffin carriers
  • Less usage of paper type disposable containers for food that contain PE or wax coating which are not degradable.
  • Avoid use of sunscreen blocks. It congests our skin ability to sweat and detoxify properly.
  • Avoid eating in dirty and unhygienic restaurants even though you may have heard that their cooking is very popular among the locals.
  • Avoid lesser use of chemical produced floor cleaner which may cause skin or respiratory allergy. I have included below a link to a recipe to make your own floor enzyme which can be used as floor cleaning liquid or as fertiliser for your plant from our thrown away fruit skin and vegetables that we discard. Download Recipe
  • Exercise regularly and also take occasional walks into the jungle with guided friends or groups. The breadth of Fresh Oxygen Air will assist in detoxification.

As ayurveda promotes the concept of living close with nature, we should try our best in this modern city living to improve our lifestyle and cooking habits like what our grandmother did when they were mother’s  who run the family household where they try their best to feed their family members with home cook fresh food daily.  There is no shortcut to have good health and Food is our best medicine. The common saying – ‘Prevention is better than cure’ should be a phrase that we should keep reminding our self as to how we can prevent ourselves from being diseased?

There is no doubt that to have a good family environment, both the parents will need to go to work and there are many changes in adaptability to modern society lifestyles. As such a compromise between husband and wife team to understand and to uphold the household chores would be really helpful to have fresh home cooked meals daily for the whole family. Living in Malaysia, we have a pamper lifestyles with house maids to assist most households. In western country like Australia, most housework chores including gardening is done by the husband and wife team as the wages to hire part time maids is very expensive and is not affordable by most families. I had lived in Perth for my full time studies without any maids. My family and I were able to coordinate and assist in cooking and doing the house chores and we had all our 3 meals home cooked.  It was a matter of planning and coordinating with family members who were living together to take turns to cook simple food and it was rather a good time to catch up with cooking new dishes, baking from recipes given by my ayurvedic classmates at college. I find it highly possible if we put our mind, effort and heart into it and we should be able to use modern cooking utensils to cook delicious meals for our loved ones all the time.

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