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Testimonial from a Client with Women’s Hormonal Disorder

Testimonial from a Client with Women’s Hormonal Disorder

Hormonal problems are quite common among women, especially those approaching middle age. Hence it is important to have the knowledge to lead a balanced lifestyle and know how to choose your food wisely. A client, now close friend has successfully combat her problems by learning how to balance her body requirements through the right nutritious food and lifestyle choices.


My Ayurvedic Encounter by Juliana Su

In 2013 during my routine annual blood test, the results shows elevated CA125 my reading was at 128 , my TSH reading was also high indicating hypothyroid and my haemoglobin level was low. That explains why I was easily tired and my breathlessness when climbing stairs! I was advised to consult a gynae as I was in my late forties and in my perimenopause stage. There is a high chance that the elevated CA125 was caused by the chaotic hormones at this stage in life, coupled with the fact that I was also having severe pain and excessive menstrual flow.

The gynae confirmed that I have endometriosis. Common for women within my age group, I was told. The gynae recommended a hysectomy. I was not keen on a surgery so I asked if there is another option? Another treatment is to insert an IUD which will help reduce the bleeding. Again I was not keen. Third option suggested by the gynae was hormone therapy, which has many side effects. The severe period pain and very heavy period flow was the cause of my low haemoglobin level. If the condition persists, according to the gynae, I may need blood transfusion. Blood transfusion again has many side effects and risk as well. As I was not keen on the treatments suggested by the gynae I decided to seek other alternatives, maybe TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine).

During that time, I had a friend who was undergoing Ayurvedic treatment. My friend was receiving treatment from Kim and she recommended that I see Kim and ask if she can help me with my condition. I spoke to Kim and she assured me that she will be able to help me with my issues. I was encouraged by her assurance and set a date for consultation with her. During my initial consult with Kim, I showed her my blood test results. Normally after a blood test the doctor will spend about 10-15 mins to talk to you and usually what they tell you is what is obviously written in the report on what is high and low. But to my surprise during my initial consult with Kim, she spent almost 2 hours to talk to me about my blood test and I really learnt a lot about my health condition. I was also loosing hair and my nails had many ridges with a black line appearing on my right thumb plus they were super dry and break very easily. I thought that this was a natural part of aging. I also had a lot of burping and easily catch flu from people around me. Another issue I had was I easily get sore throat, Chinese physician say very “heaty” body from young.  So besides endometriosis, I learnt that I had digestive issues and that my body is actually very congested causing malabsorption therefore in need of cleansing. All the supplements and vitamins that I was taking were wasted and instead further congest my body.

Kim prescribed me some Ayurvedic herbs plus monthly uterus enema. She also guided me on my daily, weekly and monthly cleansing regime. Changed my eating habits, more home cooked less processed food, started juicing and manage stress better. After 3 months I did my blood test again and very happy to say my CA125 has reduced from 128 to 45, which is within the acceptable range. My haemoglobin level is also back to normal. My period pain and menstrual flow very much reduced. TSH reading has also improved. Another 3 months later, I repeated my blood test and my results shows further improvements. Most importantly I had gained a lot of knowledge on cleansing. I used to think cleansing is just a simple purge. But really, cleansing is much much more than a simple purge! I learned how to use food as medicine. Eating right, you don’t need medicine!

Today I still stick to my daily, weekly and monthly cleansing regime. I am happy to see my nails improved, my hair is now back in full volume with a healthy shine. My skin has a healthy glow. My energy level is much better. I also hardly catch the flu, my immune has much improved. For the last 3 years I only had sore throat once! For a person that TCM says to be very “heaty” I am no longer that “heaty”. My body is now more balanced.

I can see the Ayurvedic lifestyle changes have had such tremendous improvements to my overall health. Today we all look for quick solutions but there is always a trade off for quick fixes, there are many side effects. I also learnt that my health issues were a result of my lifestyle. The most effective way to turn around my health was to change my lifestyle. I am certainly glad I had chosen the Ayurvedic way and I am blessed to have Kim’s advise and guidance on this Ayurvedic discovery journey. It has helped me avoid a major surgery and has improved my awareness on how to manage my overall health and wellness. Thank you Kim!

Juliana Su /September 2016

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