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Testimonial from a Client with Rare Cancer Disease

Testimonial from a Client with Rare Cancer Disease

It gives me great satisfaction to know that my Ayurvedic treatments have helped my clients, moreover a dear friend to recovery from her rare illness.

I am also honored by the testimonial she shared about her experience.

Thank you for having trust in me.


Testimonial by Jessie Loh

I was diagnosed with a very rare cancer of the gut called Psuedomxeoma Peritonii in 2013 by a radiologist in one of the hospitals in Malaysia when I went for a check up as my abdomen was getting bigger, with lumpy buldging fatty tissue.

I had tried to keep quiet about my disease from my friends and relatives and kept a low profile. Surgery was the only solution to remove this mucusy growth of cancel cells inside the digestive system, which will choke up the whole system if it is not treated.

Being ignorant of the consequence of the post palliative know how of food and nutrition intake after the first surgery, I was admitted for a second surgery approximately 6 months after the first surgery. Cancer marker was higher than the first round. The surgery has side effect of high risk of infection and/or a heart attack as it took around 14-16 hours.

My spleen and gall bladder were removed during the 2nd surgery as the cancer has spread around the abdomen area. My fear for my recovery after this high risk surgery took me to wake up and Kim came to know that I had this horrible disease and the pain that I had gone through with the surgery done in Australia.

I was put into a total change of lifestyle and diet by Kim together the Ayurvedic herbs and remedy therapy that she has diligently monitored throughout the next 6 months. Changes to my diet includes cutting down meat of all kind by 80%, ate almost 90% organic vegetables and fruits, legumes and grains.

I avoided all red meat and had little free range chicken and mainly deep sea fish with all the organic veggies and fruits. Food were cooked mostly steamed and boiled to soft and mushy form. There was no cutting down of good organic oil for my cooking namely organic sesame oil, organic olive oil, and organic avocado oil.

My morning intake of a warm drink of SUN NATURE brand of sea bird nest (Botanical name: Eucheuma Cottonii) that Kim sourced has given me the resource to start the morning with a warm smile as my stomach digestion was slow moving after the surgery and it felt good after I had taken the drink.

The intake of daily high dose of turmeric and ginger powder mixed with Jarrah Raw Honey was a real goer for me daily to reduce my inflammation and post surgery side effects of the antibiotics that I was prescribed.

To date I am still declared ‘cancer free’ by my oncologist and I firmly believe that through eating real fresh quality food with the guidance and cooking method with Ayurvedic knowledge, it has set a balance and rejuvenated my health. I am currently enjoying my time with my family and loved ones and I am truly blessed that I learnt to appreciate food as medicine.

Jessie Loh /August 2016

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