Monday , 1 June 2020


To most of us, this is a very common word that rings in our ears. What does the term SUPERFOOD means? A simple description of this term that I would like to describe, would be any foods that are exceptionally rich in nutrients and taken in good combination and regularly, they give enhancing healing and balancing effects to our body.

Some of the western natural healing modality would select food such as broccoli, almonds, spirulina, pumpkin, beet root as part of their recommended list of superfood. In the Traditional Chinese Medicine, we would choose food and herbs like goji berries, ginseng, bird nests, sesame seed, as part of their superfood list. In Ayurveda, I would choose ginger, turmeric, ghee, Honey, mung dal to name a few as part of the Ayurvedic superfood list.

Thus in an overall general remark, superfood would be food that is nourishing and healing to our body in which modality your chosen food list is from, and most important is the accessibility to this type of chosen fresh, quality food in season within our living environment.

I have below given and listed my choice of the Superfood list to 4 sections, namely my SuperFood , my SuperHerb , my SuperFruit , and my SuperVeggie list. This list can be comparable against your body constitution type chosen food and you can make your own selection.  This list of food gives you some information on the properties and benefits of eating it regularly as part of your diet.

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