Monday , 28 September 2020


One of the 6 tastes in Ayurveda nutrition is Sugar. In today’s living lifestyle with record high percentage of the population in Malaysia who are diagnosed with diabetes and obesity, we have forgotten that real good quality sugar is a foundation for good health. Medicinal Sugar such as organic jaggery cane sugar, organic coconut sugar and organic brown sugar are good alternate natural sugars to replace the processed white sugar.

Here I would like to share more information about the Organic Jaggery Cane Sugar which is a non centrifugal sugar whereby the sugar cane is steamed to extract the juice to make jaggery sugar in a very traditional way in India and widely used in Ayurveda medicine recipes. CHAWANPRASH – it is a Thousand-Year old Ayurveda recipe that uses jaggery as the base to concoct all the herbs into a paste which has good health benefits and one of its benefits is to increase our immune levels if taken on a regular basis.

Molasses in the sugar cane is not removed, it did not undergo any bleaching and thus the jaggery possesses its goodness and the medium brown colour.

Essentially jaggery is still sugar but it definitely has more nutritious profile than refined white sugar but again it has to be taken with moderation. With more consumer awareness of using naturally raw sugar, consumers are switching to use them for their cooking, baking, coffee mix or making desserts.

As jaggery granules consist some quality natural minerals like potassium and magnesium and iron, these jaggery granules are currently very popular with one of the consumer groups who are culturing ferment home made water kefir as the main ingredient to feed these kefir with our good organic quality organic jaggery which has produced valuable good pro-biotic drink for our gut health.

I have enclosed herewith a video to show you how healthy looking and how happy my water kefir is behaving when I feed them the Sun Nature‘s organic jaggery granules. Full of Life force in them!

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