Friday , 14 August 2020


Our lifetime from the day we are conceived is a relationship. We are related to our food, air we breathe in, our parents, our spouse, our friends, our environment, our feelings and our bank account. Thus life is a series of changes and these changes are in relationship with one another.

Love is clarity to a good relationship and when this is clear, we develop compassion. When clarity is lacking, feelings are imbalance and remorse. Communication is lacking and this build up stress and it disrupt our body chemistry, our doshas and the seed of ill health and disease is already sown. Clarify is possible when we practice passive awareness. We are open to other person by not making judgement at what he/she does according to our pattern and ideas. We need to look at a person with a totally fresh mind and open heart.

Therefore in our human body, our 3 doshas – vata, pitta and kapha – they work together harmoniously to maintain our life functions and homeostasis. These dynamic forces work together as a relationship to a balanced health.

Negative feelings can cause hurt to ourselves and to others. Such feelings of anger, criticism inflict pain to others and vice versa; someone can inflict the same to us too. Such stressful biochemistry in our body affects our body system functions. So how do we resolve these negative emotions from boiling up in us? How do you exhale it out?

The awareness goes both ways, that is inner and outer awareness, understanding it is a solution. Learning to let go at the peak of frustration and handle it amicably at a later period of time would give us time to analyse and evaluate the issue with a peaceful mind. At the same time our body will not build up this stress and aggravate it with disturbances to our body homeostasis.

The main key to remaining healthy, is awareness. You can remain alert through understanding your own body’s constitution, understand your mind and emotional response to the change in the environment, facets of your daily life such as food you eat, and thus you can make choices on how to maintain good health.

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Hi! I'm Kim! I am a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner from Australia. After graduated from my Ayurvedic course, I attended trainings in Ayurvedic clinics in both Australia and India. Postings in this blog are all written with passion to improve health of not only myself but also my family and at the same time to share my experience with my friends and readers who are interested to find out more on improving and be in better health. If you need a private consult, you are welcome to contact me.

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