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Profile of Writer and the Journey to Ayurveda

Profile of Writer and the Journey to Ayurveda

Like any other women in today’s modern society, I own and run a distribution business with my husband, work, travel a lot yearly and take care of my family members. Thinking all the time that to be healthy, I must take supplements on top of my daily intake of food to combat my deficiency in my proteins, calcium, minerals and to combat stress from our lifestyles. To do this keeping in trend, I would provide all the supplements and vitamins for myself and the whole family and never at any one time consider that our body may not need all these supplements without any awareness that we are toxifying our body with too much of these so called unnecessary ‘ food’. There wasn’t any thought about being unhealthy except to lose weight as my weight keeps creeping up as I age. Life went on as usual –busy with work, handling the home ground, caring for the family. Life just went on without any worrying.

Why Ayurveda? What is Ayurveda?

During Chinese New Year period in 2006, a very close friend came to visit and told me that there was a lady in town that has a method of cleansing that makes his elderly friend in his 60’s looked so radiant and also toned him up. I was very excited to learn that there is an alternative way to reduce weight! WaLa..This is exciting news to me to find out more about it. This is the start of my journey with Ayurveda when I met Madam Heang and she guided me into the stage of cleansing – whereby my own energy level increases, weight – well did not reduced but I was more toned up, cholesterol issues were slightly reduced. Initially there were so much confusion in me when she told me to stop eating ‘Processed and Dead’ Food ( I was thinking what the hell was Dead food ? Food is cooked and prepared daily to eat and surely the meat that we cooked were surely DEAD anyway as we had the animal killed for meat), No cold drinks, No this and no that (you will understand later what I meant).

She went on to mention that my dogs at home were more healthy than myself as the dogs were taking de worm tablets on regular basis where else I couldn’t remember when was the last date I take a de worm tablet.

My sister died in august2006 of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma after a 4 weeks battling with this deadly cancer disease. During this time of caring for her, I do not know how to care and what are the types of palliative care that I can provide her to try build up her immune level after she had gone through with chemotherapy treatments. The only care I could care for her was to keep her company and cook all the good food she liked to eat, totally not able to figure out what cancer cells in her body is reacting  with all these chemotherapy treatments that she is getting. I was totally disoriented when she passed away at age of 42 and kept asking myself why there isn’t anything that I can do for her to save her from leaving us and her 2 kids behind. I could not find any answer to this question till I continue my karmic journey with learning of my ayurvedic knowledge.


Before Ayurveda in 2005


Before Ayurveda in 2007


Before Ayurveda in 2008


Picture taken in 2012

Before and after

Comparison from year 2006 (left) and year 2013 (right)

I finally took my step and decision in May2010 to let go my duties in my company and headed to Perth to take up an advanced diploma course in ayurveda which is a 3 years course which I complete and graduated in July 2012. I was indeed very blessed that I met Dr Roopa Rao, my ayurveda lecturer and later become good friend who has taught and shared so much about ayurveda knowledge to me. She has never turned me down for any questions that I have put up for her about ayurveda or about any health matters relating subjects , which was a struggle for me to study as I was an arts stream student who graduated with a computer science degree and knew nothing about medical and health science. I was very determined that if this is my karmic journey with ayurveda, I have to learn from the bottom. I have to learn to study with upmost passion and do it well to share this knowledge and also to help others.

Back Camera

Back to school

Back Camera

Ayurveda classmate lunch

Image 2 - graduate2

Graduation ceremony

Image 2- graduate

Graduation ceremony

Image 2 - plaque

Plaque of  commitment

Indeed my journey was rewarded when I managed to finish a 3 years course in 2 years by taking up all the weekend classes that was available and was also juggling and managing to fly in fly out from Perth to Kuala Lumpur to overlook my ‘abandon’ responsibility of my work to my daughter Sam to take over and also to ensure that my family home is still intact.

I was so honoured that during the graduation, I was awarded another award by my Dean of the college – a ‘commitment to natural therapy’ plaque.  At this prime age of fifty (retirement for some of us) – I couldn’t belief it myself that I have done it with great achievements in graduating and this is the start of my journey with ayurveda. I have to thank the whole family in supporting me especially my husband whom doesn’t understand what ayurveda is all about, but continue to uphold the whole family and business while I was not full time based in Kuala Lumpur.

Why did I choose ‘Sunflower’ to be the name for this wellness blog?

From the perspective of the sunflower, most of us would see that it represent strength with a strong force, a flower holding out to its fullest length to bloom when the sun is out and it mellow downwards when night time comes. And as it matured, the seeds are reap of the flower to produce the next generation of sunflower plants. Doesn’t this represent the state of our human physical body when we mention in ayurveda that we are ruled and guided by the day and the night and the seeds represent our human ability to conceive and reproduce? This is the basis on my choosing of this word to name this blog.

Image 3-Sunflower

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