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My Ayurvedic Journey with Motherhood

My Ayurvedic Journey with Motherhood

My journey with using my ayurvedic knowledge with conception, pregnancy, and motherhood started in early 2012 when my daughter was pregnant. She has been a good follower of my ayurvedic practise and from conception she has been put on ayurvedic rejuvenating herbs for baby to grow well without any complication of diabetic or high blood pressure during pregnancy, which is quite common with today’s pregnant ladies.

Early stage of pregnancy with morning sickness were tackled with some ayurvedic therapy of biting small quantity of ginger to ease the discomfort, taking a smell of lemon or lime regularly, or putting a slice of ginger into our heart meridian to ease our tension and anxiety during the imbalance stage of what the mother is going through with her hormonal changes in the body to adapt to the growing foetus in her uterus. Each individual mother to be will have different likeness to resolve their morning sickness and for my daughter’s case, she likes the smell of Lime/Lemon to resolve her discomfort.

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As pregnancy involves the 3 doshas of Vata, Pitta, Kapha – there isn’t any need of restriction on food that don’t suit the mother’s constitution. Her nutrition menu was planned out in a way that she has plenty of juices, good protein meals from well balanced home cooked meals (not bought from the shelves), good nutritious meals daily, early to sleep and rise, lessen the time to watch television and to take plenty of rest especially the first trimester whereby the conceived mother’s body is going through a lot of hormonal changes. Monitoring her food intake was very important especially for the first 3 months as the foetus is growing and it will need the maximum quality nutrient that it can draw from the mother.  Good quality rejuvenating Ayurvedic herbs were prescribed for her to intake regularly to ensure that she is progressing well throughout her pregnancy

Sam chose to have a natural homebirth and she started to attend hypno birthing and yoga classes onwards from her second trimester. Throughout her pregnancy, she was feeling fine except the occasional feeling of fatique and dehydration due to our tropical climate which was hot and humid. She managed her hydration level by drinking fresh coconut water regularly to regulate her minerals and also had regular honey lemon drink to build up her immune system.

She had craving for nasi lemak (a local Malaysian delicacy rice dish) and spicy indian banana leaf rice, all sorts of curries and I can see that she enjoyed her moment into indulging into these yummy cooked food. Besides her 3 meals daily, she had regular pure homemade chicken essence, almond milk drink, meaty soup to increase her protein requirement for baby’s development.

She was not on any folic acid or multivitamins or any processed protein drink. All her food intake requirement were prepared at home and eaten on the same day.

With this regulated intake of food, she had a smooth pregnancy period. All these were rewarded when my grandson was born naturally at home after a 40hours of labour after her water bag burst. You might be thinking – that a 40hours labour would be very painful and stressful for the baby and the mother. However before any decision was made for home birthing, she was checked by her gynaecologist to ensure that the baby is in the right position – we terms this as the occiput anterior position which is the most preferable and common foetal position for birth delivery.  To keep her hydrated, she was feed with constant drink of coconut water regularly throughout the labour period. (We are so blessed that we live in this country that has this ample plentiful of good quality coconuts available).  A good substitute would be honey, lemon drink with little black salt to keep the mother hydrated.

Intense labour started about 5hours before the baby was born.

Of course during this intense pain period, mother was very uncomfortable with her baby descending downwards pushing itself downwards slowly but the joy of seeing him born into the arms of my hand was god gift which I was able to witness it with his first cry for gasp of air to feel his lungs. My grandson was born on 17/10/2012 after a 40hours of labour, naturally without any medical intrusion of painkiller. He was a bouncy 3.6kg baby. Just a look at his face, will melt anyone heart for him. Thanks to ayurveda learning, I was able to handhold my daughter through the birthing process and to  witness my grandson’s birth naturally at home.

Of course I would like to thank Wai Han the hypnobirth instructor who was there to calm the mother to be and the grandma too. Thanks Wai Han for being there with us.

If you would like to read more about my daughter’s journey with natural home birthing, kindly log in to the link below.

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