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My Ayurvedic Journey from Kuala Lumpur to Perth 2010 – Present

My Ayurvedic Journey from Kuala Lumpur to Perth 2010 – Present

During this period of putting my pen to sign up for this course, and initially the change of environment of living in KL (pampered by assistance of maids to help in household) to Perth was a great change of shift of home making and studying at the same time. It wasn’t a holiday trip anymore which I used to make 4-5 trips yearly to visit my children whereby there wasn’t any pressure in the mind at all.

After starting this course, my body went into stress mode whereby my back where the adrenal glands were starting to have mild heat rashes (adrenal glands produced a stress hormone called adrenaline that regulates our stress levels). During this period of time, I have just started the course and knew nothing what the body signals were but I did went to our ayurvedic clinic in our college anyway to get some ayurvedic treatments. Doing the case history of my lifestyle does not show my present mode of my mind and anxiety that I was giving myself the anxious mode to express to achieve excellent results with my determination to finish this course. I was thinking in my mind. Oh my god, how am i going to settle down in Perth with all the basics and go through this rough time of studying that I have choose to take. Why do I need to pressurise myself to take up this course? At times I felt frightened and worried – what have i got myself into? I am such an active person and to slow down to study and attend classes was hindering my existing lifestyle.

Attached is the photocopy of the diagnosis that our student clinic has diagnosed me and the herbs that were prescribed to me under my ayurvedic lecturer’s supervision. You can also witness the space with my first toe nails that shows the stress in my head as the first toe represents the space element in our mind.

Another issue that has also cropped out was that my Pitta in my stomach has also shifted to my lower part of my mouth caused by an imbalance Vata causing a deficient in Pitta in stomach to digest my food and causing a heated rash on my lower part of my face as can be seen in this photo. All these are caused by my constant air travel between Perth and Kuala Lumpur( air movement that causes a Vata imbalance) and constant rushing for time to attend classes, do my assignment and studies and travel back and forth to take care of home and office duties which was managed also externally. As I am a very Pitta Kapha person (here I have a combination of Pitta and Kapha elements in me), my own region of duties despite being handed down to my daughter Sam, I was still very meticulous with my responsibilities with work and same time wanting to cope with getting excel results in my ayurvedic course.

I tried managing all these symptoms via ayurvedic herbs and own mind calming therapy of self assurance and being mindful of how I should schedule all my responsibilities, exercising regularly and eating food that are for anti vata constitution and increasing my stomach fire to bring my pitta back to my stomach through intake of digestive herbs and cooling herbs to rub on my rashes. It was really a trial time for me to understand my own body signals better as each day passes. This was self learning putting Ayurveda theory of balancing to my own health issue. These are symptoms that our body shows when we are imbalance which when we take note, we should be able to make an assessment on our health issues. Throughout the course, I was indeed blessed with good positive energy given to me by my lecturer Dr Roopa, the college coordinator Kimme and ofcourse all my ayurvedic student mates who have shared our health issues, studies and advises for each other and also to assist each other in our assignments and learning curves. Below are photos taken during my study time – where we ate together after our clinic training, have parties together and our group photos together taken for good memory and remembrance. It was an indeed a joyful time for me to understanding compassion between the students while studying together as a team

Image 11(1)(ClientPrescriptionAIHM) Client Prescription at AIHM

Back Camera Pitta Rash on lower lip

Back Camera Vata imbalance as shown in toe

Image 13(College Life) College life

Image 14(College Life) College life

Image 15(College Life) College life

Image 16(College Life) College life

Image 16A(College Life) College life


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