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Lifestyle Balancing, Restoration and Exercise (Part 2 – Restoration)

Lifestyle Balancing, Restoration and Exercise (Part 2 – Restoration)

We can restore our body to be balance by understanding and to be aware of the potential causes of disease so that we can avoid them or deal with them. The principle of ayurveda is simple – by applying the opposite quality or qualities to your current issue, for example if it a very hot weather and you are working under the sun, our best thing to do is to wear a hat and to wear loose clothing so that we can perspire and reduces our heat in toxicity, rather than to rub sun screen cream, wear sleeveless shirt and walk in the heat. Thus it makes a lot of good sense to be practical in our daily life which is effective and when you apply it – you can restore your own balance for your mind and body.

Self healing is another method to heal a person when they have not developed the awareness to modify or to apply the opposite quality to restore their body balances. When the disease has begun to develop, the application of the opposite quality to heal the diseased will not be sufficient. We will need to use the techniques of cleansing and purifying our body of the excess toxins. Toxins are sticky substances which are generated from undigested, unabsorbed food particles that accumulate in our digestive tract and in ayurveda we term this toxic as AMA. AMA is the root cause of all diseases, enters the blood stream and is circulated throughout the body. This accumulated toxin, once well established, will slowly affect our prana (vital life energy), ojas (immunity), and tejas (cell metabolic energy) and result in disease. Every so-called disease is a crisis of AMA toxicity. To stop further production of AMA, Ayurveda teaching suggests putting a person on a proactive internal cleansing and detox program. The widely known Ayurvedic treatment is a 5 procedure treatment known as pancha karma treatments. They help to cleanse a person’s mind, body, spirit back to balance. These are undertaken by purification to prepare the body in the prescribed methods of oleation and fomentation. The next procedure is to put one of the tailored cleansing program which is chosen based on a proper Ayurvedic consult.

One can consider this as a cleansing program of toxins from the body.

The 5 main procedures

  1. Induce vomiting
  2. Induced Purgation
  3. Oil/Decoction enemas
  4. Nasal Medicine
  5. Blood Letting

I started this basic home purgation therapy and follow by liver cleansing since 2006 which is a beginner part of the induced purgation process. Purgation therapy is a cleanse that cleanses heat from the small intestines, liver and the colon. It is a simple way of eliminating heat and toxins from the body. It also purifies our blood and the digestive tract. Liver Cleansing removes – loads of bile salt, calcified stones that were stalking the liver and gall bladder and clears the bile duct. The Liver is the major organ in our body that detox and filters our AMA in the blood and eliminate toxins from our body. As I have mentioned earlier, our health issues begin with our diet and lifestyle choice.  I had done this regular cleanse ever since and has since sighted these eliminated gallstones by the ‘0000.  See the change of gallstones in below images. The period (2 to 3 days) after the cleanse is important for us to keep our body hydrated and rejuvenated after the elimination of waste and AMA from the liver.

I would normally drink a warm honey lemon with ginger and turmeric powder or enjoy drinking a few cups of fresh coconut water together with eating the coconut meat. And resting and taking the next day slowly without much anxiety of work and stress is recommended.

Here below are the series of images that I have taken on the eliminated gallstones till to this day.

You would probably be wondering why some of the eliminated stones are creamy white. These are mainly residues of pain killers that I have taken when I was in my mid thirties for my sinus problem and serious migraine daily. I use to take more than 5-6 tablets daily and I use to buy the pain killer off the pharmacy shelf by the 100’s instead of by the 10’s pack.

If I had not had this cleansing procedure regularly, I would never be able to imagine how my liver can store so much of toxic and calcified stuffs and yet still be able to perform its daily activity of detoxification. This cleanse is just the basic elementary cleanse and is part of the induced purgation. Even with this home remedy, it has given me so much confidence in healing myself. This Cleanse method is widely available in the web but it is important that you must understand that this cleanse can be done home base for person who are not diagnosed with any serious diseases or health issues. It is best to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner if you wish to do a proper Liver Cleanse Procedure which requires a proper guidance and understanding of your health condition, digestive system and body constitution. You can email me for an appointment if you are interested to understanding this procedure in full detail.

If you take a look at my photo, you would have see a difference in the before and after the year 2006 photos whereby practising the right factors that I have shared here have make a new shift of changes to my personal health improvements.

“The absence of Disease does not guarantee the presence of good Health”

Image 6(1)

Gall bladder stone from 2006

Image 6(2)

Gall bladder stone from 2007

Image 6(3)

Gall bladder stone from 2008

Image 6(4)

Gall bladder stone from 2009

Image 6(5)

Gall bladder stone as time goes on.

Image 7(Lady with Fibroids)

This is an image of gull bladder stones from a lady with fibroids.

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