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Eat with Seasons

Eat with Seasons

According to Ayurveda, diet should be chosen according to the climate and seasonal variations.

Autumn is predominant a vata because of its cool, windy and dry weather.

Summer is predominant a pitta quality because of its heat and hot quality.

Winter is predominant a kapha quality because of its dark, heavy, damp quality.

The predominant dosha of the season will build up and cause aggravation to someone with the same prakruti. For example autumn being a vata predominant period will tend to increase a vata constitution individual with  vata illnesses such as discomfort such as insomnia, constipation and to stay out of these and to avoid all these discomfort, vata dominant person must need to eat warm food e.g such as warm soup, dress warm and avoid cold food and drinks.

A pitta predominant dosha person should avoid spicyfood, over exposure to sun and over exertion to keep cool during the summer.

A Kapha predominant dosha person should avoid eating dry and cold quality type of food, keep warm during the winter period.

We need to live in harmony in according to the changes and rhythm of weather.

In Malaysia, we should also practise the same practise of choosing to eat what is in season and also how to eat in rainy days or during hot weather. For example, we know that durian season is normally in Mid June/July/Begin August yearly. This is time where you would be able to source for good quality organic durians ( we call them the kampong durians that are picked by our local orang asli deep from the jungle) instead of eating those ‘branded’ durians that are sold all the season round. Branded durians are more planted and feed with more fertilisers and pesticide chemicals to allow them to look good. So it is your choice whether you should eat more of these organic durians or the branded durians? Understanding how the durians are farmed is important if you know the grower. I know of few growers who would sell the extra durians to friends when they cannot consume all the durians that they grow for their own family. Even if they grow the branded durians, they might forego the use of pesticides and chemicals as they themselves are going to consume them. So the subject of understanding the source of the fruit that you are planning to buy to eat is important.

Below is a link to share with you a guide line on the types of food to favour and to avoid if you have already make a diagnosis of your own body constitution earlier.

A person with Vata body constitution should favour more of Sweet, Sour and Salty Taste food with more ground quality of moist and warmth type of food intake

A person with Pitta body constitution should favour more of Sweet, Astringent and Bitter taste food with more calming environment to relax and nurture their irritation emotions.

A person with Kapha body constitution should favour more of Bitter, Astringent and Pungent taste food with more warmth and lightness.

An anti vata diet is more appropriate to cold, dry, windy climates

An anti pitta diet is more suitable for hot climates

An anti kapha diet is appropriate for regions that are cold and damp

Download the Food Constitution Chart

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