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Testimonial from a Client with Rare Cancer Disease

It gives me great satisfaction to know that my Ayurvedic treatments have helped my clients, moreover a dear friend to recovery from her rare illness. I am also honored by the testimonial she shared about her experience. Thank you for having trust in me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Testimonial by Jessie Loh I was diagnosed with a very rare cancer of the gut called Psuedomxeoma ... Read More »

Ayurveda for Baby Solids


Sam was also on rejuvenative ayurvedic herbs while still breastfeeding my grandson. These ayurvedic herbs are prescribed for the mother to have continuous good quality flow of breastmilk for baby, building the mother’s calcium level to maintain healthy bones, and regulate her hormone levels to normal. Grandson was introduced to solids at his 5th month and our way to introduce ... Read More »

Ayurvedic Massage for Confinement Period

ayurvedic oils

Ayurvedic Women’s Oil was used for her body massage and special attention was targeted on her abdomen as there would be alot of space on the abdomen after her delivery. There are some very good Malay female masseur who specialises in after birth massage and it would be good if you can let them massage regularly through the confinement period. ... Read More »

Ayurveda and Chinese Confinement Food

My ayurvedic nutrition learning was put into full practise when my daughter was having her 60days confinement at home. Chinese Tradition of confinement for the post natal mother has been a tradition being practised for many generations. It involves the total rest and taking loads of ginger and rejuvenating food and herbs to ensure that the mother will be cleansed, ... Read More »

My Ayurvedic Journey with Motherhood

mother holding child

My journey with using my ayurvedic knowledge with conception, pregnancy, and motherhood started in early 2012 when my daughter was pregnant. She has been a good follower of my ayurvedic practise and from conception she has been put on ayurvedic rejuvenating herbs for baby to grow well without any complication of diabetic or high blood pressure during pregnancy, which is ... Read More »

Profile of Writer and the Journey to Ayurveda

Like any other women in today’s modern society, I own and run a distribution business with my husband, work, travel a lot yearly and take care of my family members. Thinking all the time that to be healthy, I must take supplements on top of my daily intake of food to combat my deficiency in my proteins, calcium, minerals and to ... Read More »