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Staying Healthy to Boost Your Immune Level

With the recent outbreak of the Influenza A as reported by our Ministry of Health in Malaysia during the last month of 2019 period, one of the treatment plans advised by the Western Doctor was self quarantine with plenty of rest at home besides the prescription of medication. Besides this advice given by the doctor, what is your own treatment ... Read More »

Basic Home Remedies for Adults

Here are some home remedies for you if you are faced with any of the conditions listed here: Reduce Congestion in Digestive Tract Have a daily mixture drink of raw Honey (2 tsp), Lemon juice( from ½ lemon), Ginger powder (1/2 tsp to 1tsp), Turmeric powder (1/2 tsp to 1tsp) mix with ½ cup of warm water to make a concoction ... Read More »

Basic Home Remedies for Baby and Infant

Each mother will always protect and love their own children and will give the best of their tender loving care to them. In the baby’s growing stage, most of their body systems are still maturing. When we nourish their body with the correct type of fresh good quality food that we prepare for them daily as what I have done ... Read More »


If you look back over the earlier posts on important factors of eating with season; stress; abuse of our senses; age and aging; etc., you will see that you have a great deal of choice and control over whether they will create toxic. How do you define a toxic element in our body? What is the meaning of toxicity? What causes toxin ... Read More »

Blesmy of the Intellect

intellect picture

Very often we get sick because we disregard our own wisdom or knowledge. We have to self understand our prakruthi, our pathophysiology constitution to understand how food can disturb our mind body homeostasis. And yet we allow ourself to eat at impulse and not choosing our choice of food carefully. We should not go overboard with our self indulgence without ... Read More »

Abuse, Misuse of our Senses

Our sense of touch, smell, sight, hearing provide us with great information to our mind, and great pleasure during our lifetime. Overuse of our sense organs strain and stresses our nervous system and causes irritation. For example, if we listen to very loud music or sounds, our eardrum and rest of our hearing functions are weakened and hurt and if it ... Read More »

Emotional and Mental Factors


There are direct affiliation of emotions with certain organs in our body with relation to our mental and emotional factors for a lengthy time of period that may lead to weakness in the performance of the related organ. Some of them are: Grief and Sadness with Lungs Anger and Hatred with Liver and Gall Bladder Anxiety with Stomach Fear and ... Read More »



How do you measure and diagnose yourself as having stress? Western world normally diagnosed stress as a result of a particular lifestyle, overwork, emotional trauma and upset, depressed and so on. In Ayurveda, stress is a disease that has been caused by an aggravating to one’s constitution which stimulates our sense organ too much which can be represented by negative ... Read More »