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Our lifetime from the day we are conceived is a relationship. We are related to our food, air we breathe in, our parents, our spouse, our friends, our environment, our feelings and our bank account. Thus life is a series of changes and these changes are in relationship with one another. Love is clarity to a good relationship and when ... Read More »

Knowing Better your own Constitution

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Our tridsoha elements (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) governs all our catabolic, anabolic and metabolism activities in our human body. To set a balance for our body to be balance, understanding our vikruthi that I had mentioned earlier – act as a guideline fundamental for each person to understand and observe as a general awareness within the environment you live in.   Read More »

Age and Aging

Age and Ageing

Ayurveda divides our human life spam into 3 stages. Childhood is the age of Kapha. Child is growing and building up structures and it is a kapha predominant dosha. Adulthood is predominant pitta dosha , they work hard, lesser sleeping time and tend to fall to pitta disorders like ulcers, gastric. Old age is the age of vata, the attributes ... Read More »

Eat with Seasons

According to Ayurveda, diet should be chosen according to the climate and seasonal variations. Autumn is predominant a vata because of its cool, windy and dry weather. Summer is predominant a pitta quality because of its heat and hot quality. Winter is predominant a kapha quality because of its dark, heavy, damp quality. The predominant dosha of the season will ... Read More »

Ayurveda in Wellness and understanding the ‘Doshas’

What is your understanding of ayurveda? There are many explainations but in a simple statement – it just means “ the science of life”. It is a 5000 years old natural therapy originated from India. According to ayurveda, health is not simply the absence of disease but rather a state of balance of the body, mind and consciousness. The aim ... Read More »