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Chemical Intoxication – Food Addictives, Flavouring, MSG, Colouring, Preservatives

Chemical Intoxication

Addictive, Flavouring, MSG and Colouring Over the years, people are becoming increasingly concerned about the quality and safety of the food they are consuming and beginning to question what they eat. Recent contamination scares, ongoing debates about GMO food, food irradiation requirements, mad cow diseases, bird flu – these are all linked back to the environmental causes, diet and pollution. ... Read More »



We often asked ourselves which are the healthiest cooking oil for our cooking? What criteria do you use to choose the oil? The high smoke point? Pure cold pressed? Unsaturated? Oil that will not turn rancid at high temperature? Price and affordability? The basic formula we have been taught is that saturated fat = bad. The simplistic conclusion is based ... Read More »



Salt goes into almost everything we eat and it is such an essential part of our diet and yet how much do we understand the property of salt? Salt is required for our body organ to function in our body and we have also been made to know that salt is one of the causes of blood pressure and heart ... Read More »



Our human body comprises 80% of water. Ayurveda being translated as the science of life and there is no life without water. Water has cooling, cleansing, rejuvenating properties that is necessary for our digestion and excretion. Water cleans our body, freshens one from inside out. Inside our body, water exists in many different parts of our body such as the ... Read More »

ORAC Value Antioxidant Food


ORAC stands for unit measure of the antioxidant capacity of food, the higher, the better. It is widely believed that high antioxidant food helps greatly to lower the risks of various chronic and degenerative diseases such as cancer, neuronal degeneration and other diseases. Diets rich in fruits, vegetables are considered to be excellent source of antioxidants. Some herbs and spices ... Read More »


Dirty Dozen

What type of food is termed as Dirty Dozen? Shall we totally avoid eating less of this type of food? Dirty Dozen are identified foods in the conventional non organic food chain that contain the highest amount of pesticide residues. And this list is updated yearly by the Environmental Working Group organisation. The current list of dirty dozen is as ... Read More »

SUPERFOOD (Part 4 of 4: My SuperVeggie)


My SuperVeggie List Sweet potato leaf Beet root Avocado Celery Bitter gourd Sweet potato Pumpkin Tomato Daikon (white radish) Bok Choy Sweet Potato Leaf High in Fiber and good for remedying constipation Rich in Vitamin A – good for skin care High in calcium and iron Low in saturated fat, sodium and very low in cholesterol Provides good amount of ... Read More »

SUPERFOOD (Part 3 of 4: My SuperFruit)


My SuperFruit List Mangosteen Lemon Pomegranate Pineapple Grapefruit Grapes Coconuts All types of Berries Papaya Soursop Mangosteen Good for maintaining blood sugar levels Anti-inflammatory properties – inhibit release of histamine and prostaglandin Rich nutrient in fruit helps to boost immune system Beneficial in stomach disorder – diarrhea and dysentery A healing fruit rich in antioxidant properties Do not contain any ... Read More »

SUPERFOOD (Part 2 of 4: My SuperHerb)


My SuperHerb List – Culninary yet Medicinal Turmeric Moringa Cinnamon Black Pepper Tulasi (Holy Basil) Ginger Sesame Seed Black Cumin Seed Lemongrass Cardamom Turmeric Anti inflammatory compounds Pre-biotic and Pro-biotic properties, digestant Inhibits cancer cell growth Wound healing Improves liver function Blood purifier External use – good anti-pruritic agent, helps dry wound Moringa  Contains variety of cancer fighting compounds Antibiotic ... Read More »

SUPERFOOD (Part 1 of 4: My SuperFood)


My SuperFood List Raw unprocessed honey Green tea Seaweed Barley Avocado Chia seed Basmati rice Pistachios nut Ragi millet Himalayan black salt Raw Unprocessed Honey Antimicrobial property Heals skin inflammation Promotes digestive health, helps in metabolism Cough suppressing/ act as a lozenge Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial Rich in beneficial enzymes and vitamins Boost immunity Green Tea Anti-aging Excellent source in anti-oxidant ... Read More »