Monday , 1 June 2020
Blesmy of the Intellect

Blesmy of the Intellect

Very often we get sick because we disregard our own wisdom or knowledge. We have to self understand our prakruthi, our pathophysiology constitution to understand how food can disturb our mind body homeostasis. And yet we allow ourself to eat at impulse and not choosing our choice of food carefully. We should not go overboard with our self indulgence without any consideration of our own health. Today we should not take the fast pace of choosing fast and instant food as food to cure your stomach hunger. There is no shortcut to good health by eating these instant fast food because everyone is eating them and we are no different. You can perhaps try this method out with your own self just to feel the different digestion level your own body digestion can handle.

1st 3 days – 3 meals a day – eat all the fast food, instant food that you liked most. All the 3 meals. Record down how your stomach feels, any constipation, any indigestion.

Next 3 days – 3 meals a day – eat the all these homecooked meals at home – meaning rice, porridge, homecook meat and veggies or soups. No white bread or fried stuffs that you buy from the store and eat at home ( these are not consider as home cooked)

Have a feel yourself which set of meal (fast food or home cooked food) would make you feel more comfortable and food is more easily digestible.

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