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Basic Home Remedies for Baby and Infant

Basic Home Remedies for Baby and Infant

Each mother will always protect and love their own children and will give the best of their tender loving care to them. In the baby’s growing stage, most of their body systems are still maturing. When we nourish their body with the correct type of fresh good quality food that we prepare for them daily as what I have done for my own grandson and family members, a good foundation of health will be formed from good value nutrition being given to the children as early from the day they were born.

The newly born cannot communicate with the adults and the only manner is through their cries. When this crying begins, parents tend to get worried instantly and the next decision they would do is to take the infant to the doctor without much consideration to feel and ascertain if that is necessary? It is good to do a proper physical check on the infant to see and feel if he/she is having any sign of fever, bloating, constipation, internal heat rash or just need a good cuddle to get some internal warmth and comfort assurance from the parents.

Many a times, baby do have feverish temperature when they have been wrapped around with blankets( especially by their grandparents) and they will sweat and once they are exposed to the cool air when they need to be changed, they will catch a cold. They will begin to have running nose and crying will be more rampant and regular because their nose is blocked with phlegm and they cannot breathe properly.

Babies may constipate more often when fed with formula milk and there is a sense of requirement the infant to be fed with drinking water continuously throughout the day fearing that the infant will constipate with intake of formula milk. All encouraged breast fed babies do not need to drink any water as mother’s milk has the best composition of protein mineral and water to keep the baby hydrated. We started to introduce boiled warm water to my grandson when he starts to eat his solid food when he was 5 months old.

So how do we handle the situation without giving the infant more medications that their immature liver will need to detoxify?

Some simple basic home remedies that I have tried and done for my grandson.

  • From the earlier write up about baby massage, I have stated the used of turmeric to be mixed with Ayurvedic Baby Oil to give them their daily massage before each bath. Likewise you can boil extra about 20gm (about size of a tablespoon) turmeric in 4 cups of water, let it boil and simmer on slow fire and let it boil for 5 minutes more. Mix this turmeric water into his bath water and bathe the little infant and lastly rinsed the infant with clear warm water in another tub. Turmeric has property of being anti inflammation and lessens the infant chance of any skin infection. You can continue this bath till he becomes older.
  • As an infant or any toddler would not be very keen to drink any bitter herb drink, the only manner that I find practical to infuse herbs into their body system is through their bath time. Our skin is the biggest organ and it absorbs good quality herbs whenever we mix the boiled herbs into the bath time water. I would use this method whenever my grandson may have a slight fever, slight running nose or coughing (recall that I mentioned earlier in the infant stage of a person is Kapha stage and the common sickness most infant/toddler has is the upper chest issues e.g cough, runny nose, chest infection leading to bronchitis, inflammation of the throat, and mouth ulcers). Herbal Water can also be used to wipe the infant as an alternative for some mothers who may not wish to bath the baby.
  • Another recommended method – is to keep boiling selected herbs for his respiratory issues in a small slow cooker, leave the glass top slightly ajar and let the smell of the boiling herbs infuse the room that the infant is resting and he/she can then breathe in the potency of the herbs through his breathing and he can sleep better.
  • Baby Foot Massage – is another method to relax the baby moody mood when he is not feeling well. This light gentle foot massage will calm the baby’s agitated mood and relaxes his anxiety of cries and be comfortable with staying quiet to enjoy your light massage. The baby mood of enjoying a good foot massage is no different from any adult who would enjoy a good foot reflexology.

Common herbs generally used:

Cold and Cough, Flu

  • For infuse – boil the following herbs: Turmeric, Ginger, Lemongrass, Black Pepper
  • To bathe: boil mulberry leaves, turmeric, Indian borage leaves or stalks, holy basil leaves and stalks.

Fever and Rashes

  • To infuse and to bathe: boil turmeric, neem leaves, coriander seed (ketumbar). Bathe and wipe baby daily.

Wind and Bloating

  • Most baby when are fed with solid food, kindly follow the advises that I have wrote and explain earlier so that their digestive system will slowly be able to accommodate the introduction on the variety of new food and taste. It is highly encouraged that infant and baby are given fresh home cooked food to avoid any digestive issues.
  • The most common processed commercial drink that most parents or grandparents would recommend to give the infant would be a certain brand of gripe water, which will reduces wind and bloating in the infant stomach.
  • The alternative would be this simple home remedy: just boil 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds (jintan manis) with 150ml water, let it cool and sieved and it can be given to the baby.
  • For any other chronic bloating and winds issues, digestive issues, it is best to make an appointment with me for a proper consult.


  • Rub little warm organic castor oil on the baby/infant at the external part of the anus and let the oil stimulate the bowel movement (test the warm oil on your own skin before applying on the baby as their skin are soft and cannot tolerate high heated oil).

I like to stress again that the above methods that I have carried out for my grandson are shared natural remedy. It is best to consult a proper doctor if the sickness symptoms persist over 2 days without any improvements.


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