Monday , 1 June 2020
Ayurvedic Massage for Confinement Period

Ayurvedic Massage for Confinement Period

Ayurvedic Women’s Oil was used for her body massage and special attention was targeted on her abdomen as there would be alot of space on the abdomen after her delivery. There are some very good Malay female masseur who specialises in after birth massage and it would be good if you can let them massage regularly through the confinement period.

Long cotton cloth (approx 5 meters) was used to wrap round and tightly on the abdomen daily to settle back the abdominal muscles. Warm Castor oil was applied on the abdomen before this cloth wrap is wrapped around tightly. However there is a post partum waist band that mothers’ can buy to replace the cloth wrap. Same principle applies and all mothers who are on confinement to wear these cloth wrap throughout their confinement period if they wish to tone up their abdominal muscles and to prevent wind from building up a bulge.

Time management on making appointments on the massage period would really need to be plan ahead as baby who are breastfeed would then be feed on demand against the masseur booking time. I actually found that it needs some personal adjustment of time between the masseur and the mother. As I was personally handling the massage session for Sam, it was adjustable. For those who are engaging a masseur, there would be some adjustment on time management between feeding time and massage time that needs some accommodation from my experience personally.


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