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Ayurveda for Baby Solids

Ayurveda for Baby Solids

Sam was also on rejuvenative ayurvedic herbs while still breastfeeding my grandson. These ayurvedic herbs are prescribed for the mother to have continuous good quality flow of breastmilk for baby, building the mother’s calcium level to maintain healthy bones, and regulate her hormone levels to normal. Grandson was introduced to solids at his 5th month and our way to introduce solids is to start as follow.

For example most asians would introduce home cooked rice porridge. So 2 weeks before he was fed with the rice porridge, I would use a tablespoon of basmati rice, wash and drained and then pour half a cup of hot water into the rice, let it cool and feed a few table spoon of rice water to him daily for a week or so. This method will reduce the baby intolerant level to rice or other food stuffs that you plan to introduce to your own baby gradually. Introduction of food were cooked without any salt.

For his current second meal of solids, ragi (Finger millet flour-high in calcium, proteins and minerals) was cooked with breast milk for him to eat. This is to ensure that his intake of mother’s milk was not compromised when they start to eat solid food.

I have read on Facebook chat groups that mothers who wished to have good quality and quantity milk flow will go to extend to intake a lot of packed protein drinks and ready made herbs. All these quality drinks and herbs are readily available in the hypermarket or grocery stores, but if you take a careful look at the labels, there would definetly ingredients listing to include permitted color, preservatives etc, which your own liver would need extra effort to detoxify. All good quality breast milk is derived from all natural quality intake of fresh food by the mother itself. I would seriously encourage all mothers to eat all fresh home cooked food and even if you are eating out, chose wisely.

What do I meant by ‘chose wisely’? This means that when you eat out – you must understand how the food was prepared? Was it cooked last nite and sold today? A very simple manner to choose is to order food dishes that are steamed, grilled or fresh boiled soups, stir fried. This type of cooking usually can’t be kept overnight and sold the next day. It has to be cook on the spot to be served on your table. You can also ask if food is heated up using the micro wave? If it is, then you can look at the menu and make some other choices of food.

These are some tips to ensure that you are not paying for overnight food to be served when you plan to eat fresh cook meals.

If you want the best for your loved one, you can actually prepare the solid food with your own effort to get the best quality food for your own ingestion without any additional burden for the baby’s liver to detoxify the preservatives and colouring that you will find in any packed ready make baby food. If you need to get ready packed baby food to stand by for your occasional use, do source for products that are organic and free from preservatives and colouring.

As baby is growing under Kapha age, we should introduce them with all the good balance meals, home cooked. Fruits can be originally stewed and pureed as an introduction and to avoid any stomach bloating. Fresh fruits were introduced later when he was about 9months old. He was having stewed apple, pears, during the intro stage and later he had a different variety of fresh fruits such as papayas, bananas, avocado, apple.

As baby is growing and stomach is still adapting to all the varieties of nutritious food that most mothers would like to feed them, the food should be well cooked and eaten warm and on the same day. He was fed with all home cooked prepared fresh food daily. There are a lot of baby food recipes that encourages mothers to cook in bigger quantity and then freeze the food. And these purees are given to the baby after thaw and heated. Any food that is cooked and not eaten after 8hours is consider as overnight food which caused bloating and indigestion. Thus my grandson is only fed on food that are cooked and eaten daily.

The above were my guidelines for my grandson’s eating procedure, however as each baby’s eating habit may varies, you should give the cooking method a trial and error. There is no strictly instruction to follow. Important to note is to make sure food is cooked and eaten fresh daily. No overnight food to be given to baby. Honey, Cheese, peanuts are not allowed to be eaten by baby before he/she is 18months old.

My grandson was breastfed with mother’s milk twice daily until he was two years old and supplemented with unpasteurised and unhomogenised milk, homemade yoghurt, besides his 3 meals of solid baby food.

The raw milk is carefully boiled over small fire and once the milk is boiled, the fire is turn off and milk is being let to cool down to warm before he drinks it. You should not be boiling it over too high temperature and for too long as all the enzyme and nutrients in the milk will be lost.

Grandson is almost four years old now and his eating awareness and taste bud has also increased with more introduction of new food to him gradually.

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