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AYURVEDA CLEANSE – Adapt to Modern Living (Method 5 of 5: Pro-biotic Intake after Cleanse)

AYURVEDA CLEANSE – Adapt to Modern Living (Method 5 of 5: Pro-biotic Intake after Cleanse)

With the cleansing that has been performed, there is a much need to rejuvenate our digestive system with intake on a regular basis of pro-biotic to keep our intestinal flora in our gut system healthy with good bacteria and enzymes to perform our digestion and absorption of nutritious food that we are going to ingest and same time also improve our colon health to function at optimal health.

There are over 400 distinct species of micro organism inhabit in the various regions of our digestive tract and pro-biotics are friendly bacteria that live and work in our gastrointestinal tract every day of our life.

Probiotics when function properly

  • Helps guard your body against unfriendly bacteria
  • Helps in function of the digestive system
  • Maintains your body’s vital chemical and hormone balance
  • Performs proper immune function
  • Most important is to ensure that our digestive capacity is good at all times

Common Pro-biotic to Intake on Regular Basis – Daily

Honey Lemon Turmeric Ginger Drink

  • Organic turmeric powder (½ teaspoon) daily mixed with organic ginger powder (½ teaspoon), ½ fresh squeezed lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of raw unprocessed honey (Sawyer’s jarrah honey from
  • Turmeric is a pre-biotic and also a pro-biotic that can be combined with ginger, lemon juice and honey to be drunk on empty stomach before breakfast. This combination will enhance your gut digestion performance, removes toxins and maintain your pro-biotic levels.

Golden Milk

  • This concoction has been around for ages since Ayurveda healing therapy begins. It was till recently that it has been a talk about drink in the western nutrition society. The basic ingredient here is 1 cup of raw unpasteurized unhomegenized milk, put into a pot to boil over small low fire with a teaspoon of Sun Nature brand organic turmeric powder. Stir occasionally and once it boils, turn off the fire and pour it to drink as a breakfast drink.
  • You can make golden milk latte if you wish by whisking the hot milk or you can make a golden milk tarik if you wish to have some new idea of serving it to the family.
  • At night – this is a good bedtime drink to get a good night sleep – add 1/3 teaspoon of organic cardamom powder and a pinch of organic nutmeg powder to this boiled golden milk before you drink it. You will enjoy a good night sleep.

Water Kefir

  • Kefir is rich in vitamins, minerals, essential amino acid, anti-oxidant. Its many benefits include correction of gastric and digestive problems, prevents fungal infection, reduces inflammation in our gut system and improves bowel elimination.
  • There are kefir grain sold at and once you have bought it, a full instruction on how to make this delicious water kefir drink for your family will be included in the packet.

Milk Kefir

  • Milk Kefir is more a protein based drink for the fatigue, growing up kids, aging adult with poor absorption. It can increase overall immune system. It can be fermented with raw cow’s milk or goat’s milk.
  • We are unable to source for any dehydrated milk kefir grains for the moment and thus perhaps you can try to get some fresh milk kefir. There are many homemade milk (cow or goat) kefir that you can probably join the group – “Healing Cultured World” on facebook to seek if people in this group can share their extra milk kefir for you to start making your own.

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