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Ayurveda and Chinese Confinement Food

Ayurveda and Chinese Confinement Food

My ayurvedic nutrition learning was put into full practise when my daughter was having her 60days confinement at home. Chinese Tradition of confinement for the post natal mother has been a tradition being practised for many generations. It involves the total rest and taking loads of ginger and rejuvenating food and herbs to ensure that the mother will be cleansed, reduce wind built up, able to regain her inner strength and health after the child birth. Sam wanted to have to fully 100% breastfeed her little one. Again to encourage the start of milk flow, she was given a drink that makes up of ginger, turmeric, fenugreek, cumin and fennel herbs combination.

This drink would help her to nourish back her blood lost during pregnancy, to reduce inflammation and reduce risk of infection, to increase milk flow, normalise the intestines and also to reduce any bloating or indigestion as the mother body has gone through a big stress period during childbirth and we need the body to repair and to regulate it ready for milk producing. So these herbs are given daily and of course learning to lactate and to breastfeed the little new born baby would need a fair bit of patience to learn and to gain experience along with the baby requirement.

Her food intake would consist of cooking with herbs such as ginger(loads of it to nourish the mother), turmeric, lemongrass, cumin, fennel, galangal with sesame oil (white sesame oil), Chinese rejuvenative herbs and milk increasing herbs – Dong Quai(botanical name: radix angelicae),  goji berry (botanical name: lyceum barbarum), tongsum ( botanical name: codonopsis pilosula), pah kei (botanical name:  astragalus membranaceus). Vegetables allowed to be taken during confinement – kale, choy sum, bayam( red is better choice as it contain iron), spinach, pumpkin, carrots. Try to avoid cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli – which will cause bloating as these are vata causing vegetables.

An important aspect for the mother who is in confinement period is to ensure that water drank must be boiled and then be drink warm to hot.

My ayurvedic nutrition knowledge was put into use to cook Chinese/Western Style confinement food. Recipes will be provided in due time.

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