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Ayurveda for Baby Solids


Sam was also on rejuvenative ayurvedic herbs while still breastfeeding my grandson. These ayurvedic herbs are prescribed for the mother to have continuous good quality flow of breastmilk for baby, building the mother’s calcium level to maintain healthy bones, and regulate her hormone levels to normal. Grandson was introduced to solids at his 5th month and our way to introduce ... Read More »

Ayurvedic Massage for Confinement Period

ayurvedic oils

Ayurvedic Women’s Oil was used for her body massage and special attention was targeted on her abdomen as there would be alot of space on the abdomen after her delivery. There are some very good Malay female masseur who specialises in after birth massage and it would be good if you can let them massage regularly through the confinement period. ... Read More »

Ayurveda and Chinese Confinement Food

My ayurvedic nutrition learning was put into full practise when my daughter was having her 60days confinement at home. Chinese Tradition of confinement for the post natal mother has been a tradition being practised for many generations. It involves the total rest and taking loads of ginger and rejuvenating food and herbs to ensure that the mother will be cleansed, ... Read More »

My Ayurvedic Journey with Motherhood

mother holding child

My journey with using my ayurvedic knowledge with conception, pregnancy, and motherhood started in early 2012 when my daughter was pregnant. She has been a good follower of my ayurvedic practise and from conception she has been put on ayurvedic rejuvenating herbs for baby to grow well without any complication of diabetic or high blood pressure during pregnancy, which is ... Read More »


New You

When you feel full of optimism, feeling full of energy, bursting with vitality, clear skin, excellent digestion – you will know that the ayurveda discipline that you have enroute to follow has make the transformation of the NEW you. Keep it up if you plan to continue to enjoy the good health. One thing that I enjoyed learning ayurveda is ... Read More »


If you look back over the earlier posts on important factors of eating with season; stress; abuse of our senses; age and aging; etc., you will see that you have a great deal of choice and control over whether they will create toxic. How do you define a toxic element in our body? What is the meaning of toxicity? What causes toxin ... Read More »

Blesmy of the Intellect

intellect picture

Very often we get sick because we disregard our own wisdom or knowledge. We have to self understand our prakruthi, our pathophysiology constitution to understand how food can disturb our mind body homeostasis. And yet we allow ourself to eat at impulse and not choosing our choice of food carefully. We should not go overboard with our self indulgence without ... Read More »

Abuse, Misuse of our Senses

Our sense of touch, smell, sight, hearing provide us with great information to our mind, and great pleasure during our lifetime. Overuse of our sense organs strain and stresses our nervous system and causes irritation. For example, if we listen to very loud music or sounds, our eardrum and rest of our hearing functions are weakened and hurt and if it ... Read More »

Emotional and Mental Factors


There are direct affiliation of emotions with certain organs in our body with relation to our mental and emotional factors for a lengthy time of period that may lead to weakness in the performance of the related organ. Some of them are: Grief and Sadness with Lungs Anger and Hatred with Liver and Gall Bladder Anxiety with Stomach Fear and ... Read More »