Friday , 14 August 2020
Age and Aging

Age and Aging

Ayurveda divides our human life spam into 3 stages. Childhood is the age of Kapha. Child is growing and building up structures and it is a kapha predominant dosha.

Adulthood is predominant pitta dosha , they work hard, lesser sleeping time and tend to fall to pitta disorders like ulcers, gastric. Old age is the age of vata, the attributes of coldness, dryness, decay and disintegration. As our body weakens and our connection with it grows less, they tend to get degenerative diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, alzhemier’s disease, poor memory and tends to suffer from forgetfulness, failure of hearing and of vision.

This shows that during our stage of life, we have to consider factors to keep our dosha balance in order to remain healthy.

The Ayurveda concern and concept is not merely about curing disease but maximising the life span and provide optimal living for each living being.

There is no stopping to maintain our health at any age with natural healing and prevention method, rejuvenation therapy to rebuild our organs and tissues as described earlier. It is always better than not doing anything to yourself thinking that perhaps you would be probably going to die soon. The law of nature with aging has to be acknowledged as our body ages with time and we should regain our optimal energy by choosing the right diet and lifestyle as we phased into old age gracefully. As long as we still have a breadth to live, we should always practise living and eating nature’s grown food.


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