Monday , 1 June 2020
Abuse, Misuse of our Senses

Abuse, Misuse of our Senses

Our sense of touch, smell, sight, hearing provide us with great information to our mind, and great pleasure during our lifetime. Overuse of our sense organs strain and stresses our nervous system and causes irritation. For example, if we listen to very loud music or sounds, our eardrum and rest of our hearing functions are weakened and hurt and if it occurs over a long period of time, the person can become deaf.

Misuse of our sense organs means using them in a wrong manner, where else underuse of the sense organ means not perceiving with total attention and not making full use of it. This prevails and leads to aggravated vata, or pitta or kapha health issues e.g depression, epilepsy.

In short, always use our sense organs moderately.

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